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Jade Elysan Actress

Jade Elysan, Actress/Writer/Producer, New York, USA

"This is by far my favorite skincare. I used to work as a make up artist, using the most coveted brands, and began an organic lifestyle a few years back. Being one of the 1st lucky people to receive Linh's oil, and using it since this June 2016, I noticed an immediate vibrance & radiance to my skin.  Now after several months, I look and feel younger, have been called in consistently and booking younger roles."


Pamela Okehie Brylski, Goldman Sachs, Texas, USA 


"This is one of the most innovative, health conscious and cost friendly skin care products to hit the market. I use the product morning and night, and the fact that I no longer need to use a toner or cream is amazing. Moreover, as a working mother, rebalancing my skincare routine and having the ability to go around without makeup is key. I have been able to do this with Linh's product and my skin looks flawless."

Brittany Patrick Chicago

Brittany Patrick, Research Administrator, Chicago, USA

"Fleur de la Passion is by far the best product that has ever touched my face. I have chronically dry skin thanks to a daily medication I take and nothing seemed to balance it back to its normal glow. I tried Linh's oil and my skin instantly drank it up. It is instantaneous in added moisture and a glow to your face but the best part is that it lasts all day long and sustains the moisture in your skin. I get compliments on how my skin looks now."

A.T Anh Tuyet Nguyen

A.T. Nguyen, President at Dance to Unite, New York, USA

"I have a very sensitive and dry skin. I used many products in the past but never felt like I could stick with any one product. I think I have found the moisturizer I can stick to in Fleur De La Passion. It soothes my skin and stays moist the whole day. I use it at night too and wake up refreshed. I would encourage everyone to try."

Rachael Hall San Francisco Chicago Texas

Rachael Hall, Senior Manager at SquareTrade, California, USA

"I got to try a sample, which I enjoyed because it was neither oily nor drying; it had the perfect amount of moisture that lasted after being fully absorbed into the skin. Some products that guarantee moisture will lose their effectiveness as soon as they're absorbed, thus making you come back for more (e.g., Chapstick - stay away!). FdlP did no such thing."

Nicole Yeager PHD

Nicole Yeager, PHD Graduate Student, California, USA

"After trying Fleur de la Passion for the first time, I saw almost immediate results! My face stays moist and happy all day long, without the need to remoisturize.  I've had noticeably fewer breakouts and my makeup seems to last longer through the day.  I especially love putting it on before bed, as it has an aromatherapeutic effect on me, and I feel calm and relaxed after cleaning my face."

Thao Nguyen Le

Thao-Nguyen Le, Antigravity Fitness, New York, USA

"I have severely dry skin with patches of dry spots. It's so bad that lotion, bb creams, sunscreens, even with serums underneath it wouldn't last more than a couple of hours. I use Linh's oil in the morning before I apply anything else on my face and my skin stays happy and moisturized all day. I use it at night after I wash my face and before bed and wake up with happy glowy skin."

 Nicole Potter Sloboda

Nicole Potter, Serious Traveller, Currently Cruising around the World

"Fleur de la Passion All-in-One face oil is my favorite moisturizer to use at night. It goes on smoothly and evenly, and I wake up with super soft skin and a beautiful glow. Most mornings my skin feels so good, I don't even want to put on makeup."

 Amanda Meyer Food Photographer

Amanda Meyer, Commercial Photographer, California, USA

"It makes my skin silky smooth, helps fade acne scars, and smells amazing and natural. I love to put it on before bed or add it to my facial mist and spritz on top of makeup for a glowing finish! And I am so happy that it is made with non-synthetic ingredients. I love that it is rated as non-hazardous by EWG, which is my go-to tool for assessing beauty products."

Winifred Lee

Winifred (Mu) Lee, B2B Marketing at GrubHub, New York, USA

"My combination skin is quite fickle and sensitive, but Fleur de la Passion face oil tamed and moisturized. It has a very natural, lightly herbal scent, which I found to be refreshing and reminds me of a spa. Most important, I know that I can trust all the ingredients in the product - nothing artificial, nothing chemical from a factory, only the best stuff derived from nature."

Flossie Gull Aspen

Flossie Gull, Designer, Colorado, USA

"Having spent a wonderful life outdoors, my skin has welcomed Linh's rejuvenating face oil. Wish that I had had it 40 years ago. It refreshes and adds much needed moisture to my skin. It feels softer and more youthful. As I will not relinquish the sun and the wind, I will refresh with Fleur de la Passion." 

Alanna Hodsman

Alanna Hodsman, Teacher, California, USA 

"I love the product, I use it at night before I go to bed and I wake up with my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I feel like I'm taking the best care of my skin with the natural oils in Fleur de la Passion."






 ellise nguyen dot saigon

Ellise Nguyen, Design Student, California, USA

"I am falling in love with my elastic, nourishing, and young-looking skin, thanks to Fleur de la Passion. I feel like I am feeding my skin with healthy food everyday. This amazing absorbent oil is created by Linh with love and care. Fleur de la Passion will be my lifetime skincare sidekick."

Courtney Hardie Teacher

Courtney Hardie, Teacher, Ohio, USA

"I'm a makeup and skincare minimalist, and what I love most about the oil is how it revitalizes my eyes after a long day!”  

Lauren Popish, CBRE, New York, USA

"I am someone who has struggled with acne my entire life. I've seen dermatologists for years and because my skin has always been oily, I was always prescribed products with salicylic acid to dry my face out. For that reason. I've always identified as someone with oily skin and stayed fair away from moisturizers and especially face oils. I recently read that drying your skin out too much can actually increase the natural oil production in your skin, which causes most people to use more drying products, so on and so on. I also was in the process of making the switch to more natural products and getting off prescription grade topical products. Knowing Linh and seeing how beautiful her skin is, I decided to overcome my fear of face oils, and purchase Fleur de la Passion face oil. 

I could not be happier with the transformation. By reducing the drying face washes and moving to a natural, non abrasive, mild face wash and moisturizing with Fluer de la Passion face oil twice a day, not only is my skin no longer oily, but my acne has dramatically reduced. I simple don't get pimples that came from irritation anymore. I love how it makes my skin look dewy, and how it acts as a base/primer under my make-up. Just to compare, I tried other popular face oils from Sephora, but I find the unique formula of Linh's oil to be thicker, more luxurious, and more high quality. I will be a lifelong customer. Thank you so much for helping me find the answer to my previously troubled skin!"