Movie Star's Secret to Aging

Without The Use of Chemicals and Surgery

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Movie Star's Secret to Aging

Made from 100% Natural & Organic/Wildcrafted Oils

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Movie Star's Secret to Aging

Perfect for All Skin Types, Ages, and Genders

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Movie Star's Secret to Aging

Your Entire Skin Care Regimen in One Bottle

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Movie Star's Secret to Aging

Hydrates and Protects from Blemishes

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Movie Star's Secret to Aging

Heals from Imperfections and Scars

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Fleur de la Passion

All-in-One Face Oil

Fleur de la Passion All-in-One Face Oil
  • Top Natural Ingredients

    Made from over 25 organic or wildcrafted oils of the purest and highest quality.

  • Multi-Benefit

    Moisturizing, healing, anti-aging and anti-blemish: perfect for all skin types, ages, and genders. 

  • Small Batch Production

    Production is done 100% in-house in small batches. Each bottle is personally tested for consistency and quality.

  • Quality Packaging

    Frosted dark red glass bottle with the innovative autofill dropper protects the ingredients from sunlight damage. 

Created by Mom, the Movie Star

NSMD Minh Chau, 62, is one of Vietnam's most prominent actresses of all time. She is the receiver of two prestigious best actress awards and the Vietnamese government's lifetime achievement honor, the title "People's Artist" ("NSND" in Vietnamese).

She is a believer in "less is more" and everything natural. Fleur de la Passion All-in-One Face Oil was created based on her original formula, which we believe to be the secret to her youthful and healthy skin.

Perfected by Daughter, the Entrepreneur

Linh Kieu, 35, has been obsessed with "staying young" all her life. Having been living in America and trying every other name-brand skin care product without seeing results, Linh went back to her mother's formula after learning about the toxic and harmful ingredients used by most big brands. 

She then spent the last decade doing research and testing innumerable formulas on her own skin. The end result was Fleur de la Passion All-in-One Face Oil, a product based on her mother's original formula, improved by the addition of a few rare and extra-prestigious ingredients like rose otto essential oils.

She also insists on obtaining only organic or wildcrafted ingredients from the most respected and accredited sources.


This is by far my favorite skincare. Having been using it since this June 2016, I noticed an immediate vibrance & radiance to my skin.  Now after several months, I look and feel younger, have been called in consistently and booking younger roles.

I have very sensitive and dry skin. I used many products in the past but never could stick with any one product, until Fleur De La Passion. It soothes my skin and stays on the whole day. I use it at night too and wake up refreshed. 

This is one of the most innovative, health conscious and cost friendly skin care products to hit the market. I use the product morning and night, and the fact that I no longer need to use a toner or cream is amazing. 

By reducing the drying face washes and moving to a natural, non abrasive, mild face wash and moisturizing with Fluer de la Passion face oil twice a day, not only is my skin no longer oily, but my acne has dramatically reduced. 

Having spent a wonderful life outdoors, my skin has welcomed Linh's rejuvenating face oil. I wish that I had had it 40 years ago. It refreshes and adds much needed moisture to my skin. It feels softer and more youthful.

This is by far the best product that has ever touched my face. I have chronically dry skin and nothing seemed to balance it back to its normal glow. This is instantaneous in added moisture and a glow but the best part is that it lasts all day long.

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